Hi this all started out in the late 80's I was still working and I had a neighbor who liked to fool around with wood and he tried to get me into it I did not want any parts of it and finally the grand kids started to grow up and wanted Pop Pop to make things for them all I had was an old jig saw and a radial arm saw so I went and bought some cheap pine and made three heart tables for the grand daughters then the grandsons wanted shelves then I tried toys and from there it went on an on I added on to the shop and spent more money for all kinds of tools I retired in1994  so between working in my shop and RVing I am keeping busy. I have a close buddy that retired in 97 or 98 he comes up about 4 times a week for a few hours and helps and like me he would be lost to with out the shop And this is just a hobby sometimes I break even but most of the time not.


This is my buddy Howard he is the one with the beard I can't grow hair on my head

My wife Dot working on our kitchen table  
    This is the finished project top made from trailer flooring with what I call epoxy finish it is 34inches; x 50inches;