Computer desk for a friend    For another friend oak also This is our entertainment center
Router table we got tired of not being able to organize so

 we built a new one

This is in with my computer two file draws and a lot of junk that's what my wife says This bookcase is one of two for a friend as you can see our friends keep us busy
This is a combination TV and stereo this side other side Trophy case it is also a room divider (oak) For a good friend they call it a sofa table I think it is to low for one  only 25"high   (oak)      DVD and VHS Cab. 83" H and it is full
Potty chairs for our daughters twins                       Whatever bench it sits in front of window TV and entainment cab

Tapered shelf Side View of Tapered Shelf Combo Bunkbed Desk
Mantel Clocks Large Toy Box TV Cabinet