Part of kitchen for friend                           Upper and lower all  Oak                                     Same Kitchen
                                       Same Just a cabinet to store videos and DVD's                 TV cabinet for my buddy all Oak
A Desk for our grandson who has physical problems and the school let us build a desk to fit                        Veg Bin                                  Portable Island all oak
                                             Telephone table all oak    Used to be a wall owners knocked out wall and we built this in counter top is trailer flooring
           Chest of drawers 36" high 43" wide  24" deep all Oak with dark stain New TV stand for me I bought a new TV to keep up with the Jones and it would not fit my cabinet
Bed for My grand daughter who has MS. the height and the drawers  make things a lot easier                              these two nite stands go with chest of draws at left
                                  These are two flower stands I made for church                                  a sort of coffee table for my son and his wife
                                This is the Chest of draws in the bedroom above                               This nite stand  is one of two in the same bedroom